CIRCUS CABARET – musical for children

At 10.30 am, Ptuj Marketplace, Free

Performing: Tina in Matjaž Kekec

Tina and Matjaž, the well-known duo from the authentic circus ArbadakarbA, have prepared an innovative, educational and interactive experience for the youngest of audiences. Circus Cabaret is a magical musical for children who will get to try their hand at magic, dancing and juggling in courses and active workshops to find out how far we can get through perseverance. Somersaults, rolls, handstands, attractive illusions, music, monocycle, circus elephants: experience all this and more at the recently renovated Ptuj Marketplace.


At 10.00 am, Ptuj City Cinema, Price: 3 €

The 2016 hit musical comedy film Trolls has received a sequel and the little creatures, who love dance and music, are returning to the silver screen. In their new adventures, the Trolls will realise that they are not alone: in addition to them, there are five other different tribes of Trolls, each with their own genre of music.



At 11.00 am, Ptuj City Cinema, Free

Performer: Ana Delin

After watching the film, a music workshop will be held where children can explore their voice, learn a new song and express themselves in a creative way through music.

HOW THE FIDDLE CAME TO BE (based on a roma folk tale)

At 5:00 pm, Ivan Potrč Library, Free

Performer: Liljana Klemenčič

Performing: Pupils of the private music school at the Minorite Monastery of St. Peter and Paul Ptuj

“It’s made from wood and looks quite nice,
Squeaks louder than a thousand mice.
In the hands of a true master
It makes our hearts beat faster.”

(V.T.Arhar in Ugankarica, 2003)



At 6:00 pm, Ivan Potrč Library, Free

Performer: Eva Vilčnik

If you’ve ever wanted to make a musical instrument but didn’t know how, this is your opportunity. By building rattles, drums, xylophones, maracas and many other instruments, we will explore in what way music accompanies us through life. The workshop will be tailored to preschool children and pupils of the first triad of primary school.

KNOCK KNOCK, THE BEAR IS LOOKING FOR A NURSEMAID (based on a russian folk tale)

At 5.00 pm, Ivan Potrč Library, Free

Performer: Liljana Klemenčič

Performing: Pupils of the Instrumental.ko music school.

“Little black birds sit in a five-lined tree.
Though silent, they show us the melody.”
( V. Tavčar in Ugankarica, 2003)



At 6.00 pm, Ivan Potrč Library, Free

Performer: Zavod Marianum Veržej

Clay is an extraordinary treasure of nature with countless uses. There is a special charm to kneading, shaping and working with clay. In this pottery workshop, children will learn to use the potter’s wheel and, through the making of drinking cups, discover that clay changes shapes as it pleases. Testing their manual skills via an experiential, relaxing and creative clay workshop will give them a wonderful experience.


At 5.00 pm, Hall of Music School Karol Pahor , Free

Performer: Liljana Klemenčič

Performing: Students of the Karol Pahor Music School in Ptuj

Soldiers march to its rhythmic pounds,
no orchestra manages without its sounds.
The harder you beat it the louder it rumbles
and at the circus, it accompanies the tumbles.
(I. Cimerman in Neugnanke, 1986)




At 6.00 pm, Hall of Music School Karol Pahor, Free

Performer: Mojca Grula

The rainbow is one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena. If we are fortunate to see it, we are in the right place at the right time. At this workshop, the children will create their dream rainbow from cords of cotton twine, which is the basis of macramé. They will wrap it with wool of different colours and add ornaments. They then get to take their beautiful handmade macramé rainbow home with them – a wonderful decoration for their children’s corner or living room.