At 8.30 pm, Courtyard of the Minorite monastery, Price: 18€, 20€, 25€

Performing:  Vlado Kreslin – vocals, guitar

Mali bogovi: Iztok Cergol – violin, Mileta Grujić – keyboards, Tonč Feinig – keyboards, Matej Sušnik – guitar, Luka Jerončič – bass guitar, double bass, Luka Ovsec – percussion instruments, Gašper Peršl – drums

Vlado Kreslin’s performances in various ensembles and with a wide range of guest musicians are a welcome regular at the Arsana Festival, and always enchanting. This year he will perform in the company of the Mali bogovi (Little Gods) and the musicians from his birthplace, Beltinci, Beltinška banda (Beltinci Gang) with whom he managed for a breakthrough of Slovenian folk/ethno music and the Prekmurje dialect which he brought closer to all generations with his personal touch. There are not many people in Slovenia who wouldn’t remember his first biggest hit “Od višine se zvrti” (Height Makes Your Head Spin), and the legendary song “Tista črna kitara” (That Black Guitar) which carry messages of timeless wisdom.



At 9.00 pm, Courtyard of the Minorite monastery, Price: 18€, 20€, 25€

Performing: Big Band RTV Slovenika, Soloists Klemen Slakonja, Amaya, Eva Hren, Lado Leskovar

Conductor: Lojze Krajnčan

Big Band RTV Slovenija is one of the oldest bands of its kind in the world. It has been performing continuously since 1945. Bojan Adamič is most closely associated with the first period, conducted by the Radio Ljubljana Dance Orchestra (PORL) until the early 1960s. He was succeeded by Jože Privšek, who brought the ensemble into the highest quality class and consolidated its fame in the former Yugoslavia and beyond. According to Privšek, the Big Band RTV Slovenija was managed by Lojze Krajnčan, Petar Ugrin, Milko Lazar, Emil Spruk, Tadej Tomšič, Patrik Greblo and others. Under the guidance of Lojze Krajnčan, the excellent performers of all generations will lead us into a summer night imbued with Slovenian song and world’s greatest soul and jazz hits: Eva Hren, Maja Keuc, Klemen Slakonja and the legend of Slovenian pop songs – Lado Leskovar.



at 8.30 pm, Courtyard of the Minorite monastery, Price: 18€, 20€, 25€

Performing:  Vlatko Stefanovski – guitar, Miroslav Tadič – guitar, Theodosii Spassov – kaval

The BALKAN FEVER project is a collaboration of three world-renowned virtuosos. Macedonian guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski, Serbian guitarist Miroslav Tadić and Bulgarian cavalist Theodossi Spassov have woven an attractive musical composition, combining elements of jazz, rock, classical and folk music, performed on the world’s most prestigious stages, including the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Musikverein in Vienna and the Congress Square in Ljubljana. The concert will officially open the 14th Arsana International Music Festival.

TADEJ TOŠ – Stand up Show

At 8.30 pm, Ptuj Castle Courtyard, Price: 18€

Tadej Toš is the ambassador of Arsana festival, of Ptuj and of good will, and therefore an indispensable part of Ptuj summer festival events. According to him, laughter, fun and socializing are key factors in the recovery and normalization of society. In his performances, the actor and stand-up comedian Tadej Toš mocks the seriousness of human reality, which is one of the ways to protect oneself against the insensitive automation and robotization of life.



At 8.30 pm, Minorite Monastery Courtyard, Price: 12€, 15€

Performing: Vesna Pisarović (HR) – vocals; Jan Kus (SLO) – music management, composer/editor, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone; Gabriel Vicéns (PR) – electric guitar; Arsenije Krstić – piano, keyboards; Dan Martínez (PR) – electric bass, acoustic bass; Fernando García (PR) – percussion instruments; Žan Tetičkovič (SLO) – drums

The main mission of the  Slavo Rican Assembly ensamble is an exploration of the similarities and differences between the music of the Puerto Rican and South Slavic traditions and combining them into a cohesive, unique, and attractive sound. The band wants to draw attention to the universality of human life beyond national, political and cultural borders, illuminating the possibility of creating new “tribal” connections, that are not based on blood, but rather on spiritual kinship.

Famous Croatian vocalist Vesna Pisarović will join the band for the first time on her Summer European tour. Vesna and Jan met while studying jazz music in The Hague, the Netherlands, where Vesna was studying jazz, training in improvisation and playing ethno music. For more than 10 years, the renowned pop vocalist has been actively developing her love for the more creative music genres, and her latest album entitled Petit Standard was published in 2019 by the German publishing house Jazzwerkstatt.

PRIFARSKI MUZIKANTI with guests: Nuška Drašček & Anja Bukovec 

At 8.30 pm, Minorite Monastery Courtyard, Price: 12€, 15€, 18€

Performing: Martin Marinč, Mitja Ferenc, Valentin Južnič, Tonči Obranovič, Uroš Obranovič, Jernej Pečak, and Dejan Šuštar

Nuška Drašček – mezzo-soprano, Anja Bukovec – violin

PRIFARSKI MUZIKANTI come from Fara and have been performing on stage for 34 years. The seven-member group began their musical journey as an interpreter of folk songs from Kostel and the surrounding area, but today they do not hide from any musical genre. They perform everything from folk music, evergreen melodies, pop songs to many songs of other nations. Prifarski muzikanti band is led by Martin Marinč, and their most famous name is Mitja Ferenc, guitarist and singer.

NUŠKA DRAŠČEK is a soloist at the SNG Opera and Ballet of Ljubljana, who, in addition to opera and classical concert repertoire, also enjoys in other musical genres. At concerts, she performs Slovenian pop songs and folk songs, gospels, songs from musicals and the French chansons.

ANJA BUKOVEC is an internationally recognized and most successful classical violinist in Slovenia. She performs as a soloist in a variety of genres and makes an impression on audiences all over the world.  Anja Bukovec plays the violin of Katharina Abbuehl.


At 8.30 pm, Minorite Monastery Courtyard, Price: 18€, 20€, 25€

Performing: Kaliopi – vocals, Edin Karamazov – guitar, lute, Damjan Stanišić – guitar

OBLIVION is an exclusive musical project of the Balkan diva Kaliopi and one of the best lute players and guitarists in the world, Edin Karamazov. The most famous Macedonian pop-rock star Kaliopi and Edin Karamazov, who collaborated with the legendary Sting, Andreas Scholl and Stefan Milenković, will play music from different periods, cultures and traditions. They say Oblivion is a musical project that makes you dream with your eyes wide open. On this special occasion, they will be joined on stage by the famous guitarist Damjan Stanišić.


At 8.30 pm, Minorite Monastery Courtyard, Price: 18€, 20€, 25€

Performing: NY VOICES: Kim Nazarian, Lauren Kinhan, Darmon Meader, Peter Eldrige, VOX ARSANA: Barbara Grabar, Ana Delin, Samo Ivačič, Mladen Delin

New York Voices, a two-time Grammy-winning vocal quartet, is renowned for its excellence in jazz and the art of polyphonic singing. The album “Reminiscing In Tempo” celebrated their 30th anniversary. “The flawless vocal interpretations justify the reputation of the most exciting vocal ensemble on the planet. Gathering of such unique voices in one group is extremely rare, and their masterful intertwining of colours is unique…” are the words of BOSTON HERALD. Since their beginnings, they have released as many as 14 albums and performed on the world’s most prestigious stages, such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center and the famous The Blue Note. They have collaborated with big names from the world of music: Manhattan Transfer, Ivan Lins, George Benson, Count Basie Orchestra, Paquito d’Rivera, WDR Big Band, etc. They are ambassadors of the Arsana Festival and great friends of Ptuj, with which they have been connected already since 2014 when they visited our ancient city for the first time and placed it on the world map of music.

This time they will be joined on stage by the group VOX ARSANA, with which they will present new interpretations written only for this occasion. You are invited to the vocal climax of the summer of 2022.


At 8.30 pm, City market, Price: 20€, 25€, 30€

The legendary Siddharta reigning on the musical stages for more than a quarter of a century, and the young music group Joker Out will conjure up an epic conclusion to the summer events at the new venue of the City market. After more than twenty-five years of musical creation, Siddharta has the position of one of the leading and most popular music bands in Slovenia and Europe. The rich repertoire of their greatest hits will be performed a little more intimately, in an acoustic skin.

The Joker Out, their creativity and striking shagadelic rock & roll as well as the aesthetically sophisticated videos, is breaking new ground in the world of band music and is considered to be the hottest band at the moment. After a year and a half of waiting, in October last year they played a concert in Ljubljana’s Cvetličarna for two nights in a row and presented their long-awaited debut Dirty Thoughts.