RAIVEN: DOLOROSO (elektro-opera)

At 9.00 pm, muziKafe Home of Culture, Price: 15€

Performing: Raiven – vocals, harp, ZanB – cello, Luka Beljan – violin

Raiven, an academically educated musician, nurtures a passion and love for opera singing and also for her authorial involvement in popular music. After completing her master’s degree in opera singing at the Ljubljana Academy of Music, she devoted herself to studying female characters whose fate was shaped by pain. By embracing the stories of the opera protagonists, she formed an opus of arias. Doloroso – electro-opera is a comprehensive musical experience beyond the usual limits, where the grace of classical and opera singing merges with pop music.



At 9.00 pm, Bodi coffee shop, Price: 10€

Performing: Astrid Kljun – vocals, harp, Tomaž Zupančič – guitar

Astrid Kljun is a versatile artist with MA in opera singing, a harpist, lyricist, dancer, and visual artist. Domen Bohte is a bassist, producer, and arranger of a refined neo-soul project, which he has been co-creating with singer Martina since 2021. They will present material from Astrid’s upcoming album, with the addition of submitted songs from the winter season and a set of arrangements by well-known Slovenian authors.



At 8.00 pm, Hotel Mitra, Price: 12€ 

Performing: Katarina Samobor – vocals, Jordi Roviro – trumpet, Jure Pišek – guitar, Tjan Šoštarič – bass, Gaj Bostič – drums

The students of European music academies, known as the Fridas Jazz Quartet, will perform at the Arsana Festival with a fresh and expanded ensemble. They will present original music and carefully prepared interpretations of legendary jazz standards.



At 8.00 pm, Hotel Mitra, Price: 15€

Performing: Ratko Zjaca – guitar, Renato Chicco – organ, Stefano Bedetti – saxophone, Marco Frattini – drums

Zjača, Chicco, Bedetti and Frattini are internationally renowned jazz musicians. Their collaboration forms an unsurpassed combination of saxophone, guitar, organ and drums, leading to stunning results in sound discovery and arrangements imbued with rhythmic ideas, texture and spaciousness. The enthusiasm, passion, intensity and warmth of these artists can be experienced at every moment of their live performance, which represents the inspiring and enjoyable power of original compositions and standards.


At 9.00 pm, Bodi coffee shop, Price: 15€

Performing: Tomaž Gajšt – trumpet, Vid Šketa – trumpet, Matej Kužel – alto saxophone, Lenart Krečič – tenor saxophone, Blaž Avsenik – keyboards, Mark Žakelj – electric guitar, Jošt Lampret – bass guitar, Gaj Bostič – drums

The P’Jays brings together the strongest representatives of the younger generation of musicians on the Slovenian jazz scene. Moving borders, mixing different musical genres, eclecticism and exceptional creativity are just some of the attributes to describe this extremely promising Slovenian collective. The first album Pijammies is a trophy of youthful and energetic fusion jazz and was followed by an album titled Raconteurs, a proper upgrade and expansion of horizons with the inclusion of a string quartet.

– “I still insist that P’Jays, a very young Ljubljana jazz, fusion and funk collective, are our best band! “Matjaž Ambrožič, 24UR.com.


At 9.00 pm, muziKafe Home of Culture, Price: 15€

Performing: Sara Ester Gerdelj – vocals, piano, Nina Korošak Serčič – drums

Freekind writes a new chapter of regional neo-soul, standing out considerably from the average. The ensemble is composed of Croatian pianist and vocalist Sara Ester Gerdelj and Slovenian drummer Nina Korošak Serčič and is fuelled by the creative philosophy of “be free, be kind”. Their cogent lyrics with strong messages come to life on the wings of the rhythms and melodies of soul, R&B and jazz.