At 7.00 pm, Hotel Mitra, Price: 8 €

Performing: Dmitrij Averjanov –  percussion instruments, Grega Gorenšek – tolkala, Marko Furek – bass guitar, Bruno Domiter – drums.

Stick control is a Slovenian percussion sensation, active since 2002. They play original music and covers of popular songs from various musical genres – fusion, jazz, Latin music, jazz, pop, classical and film music.


At 8.30 pm, Home of Culture Muzikafe, Price: 8 €

Performing: Anina Trobec, Maksim Špelko, Primož Špelko, Joseph Wheba, Tomaž Zorko, Marko Turk, Mitja Turk, Grega Turk and Denis Androic.

The band Generator was established in May 2016 in Novo mesto. Their music is a combination of jazz, groove and fusion with punk attitude. Their special melodies stay in your heads for a while after the concert.


At 10.00 pm, Kavarna Bodi, Free admission

Performing: Jaka Kopač – saxophone, Matjaž Dajčar – guitar, Marko Korošec – double bass, Klemens Marktl – drums

The versatile musicians, guitarist Matjaž Dajčar and multi-intrumentalist Marko Korošec, have, after long years of collaborating and working on different projects, created songs for a new original project/album that will already see the light of day this year. At the following concert they will present the work of their upcoming album, which they will record in july. The two will be joined by two more reknown musicians, austrian drummer Klemens Marktl and slovenian saxophonist Jaka Kopač.


At 8.00 pm, Hotel Mitra, Price: 8 €

Performers: Natalija Tumpej – vocal, Taja Božič – piano, Nina Merkoci – saxophone, Petra Trobec – double bass in Nina Korošak Serčič – drums

Jazz ladies are five female musicians, joined together due to their love for jazz. They captivate the audience with their music covers of the 60s, 70s and today. They play jazz, bebop and swing standards, Slovenian popular songs and some Latin music. With their nostalgic music, Jazz Ladies bring us back to the American smoky bars of the 60s.







Ob 20.30 uri, Dom kulture Muzikafe, Price: 8 €

Performing: Boris Majcen – trumpet, Stane Hebar –guitar, Lajos Toth – piano, Luka Herman Gaiser – double bass, Jože Zadravec – drums

Majcen quintet is an international cast, joined around the trumpeter Boris Majcen. They play his original music, influenced by various jazz periods, such as swing, bebop, hard bop, etc. Musicians met as students at conservatoriums and academies in Austria and started playing together.


Ob 20.30 uri, Dom kulture Muzikafe, Price: 12 €

Performing: Jure Pukl – tenor saxophone, Melissa Aldana – tenor saxophone, Robert Jukič – bass, Howard Curtis – drums

Jure Pukl is a world renowned saxophonist who mainly works in New York. He gained his education at the University of Vienna, conservatorium in Haag, at Berklee College of Music and at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, where he gained his master’s degree. The Guardian wrote that he’s a rising star of  a creative new generation that is energetically driving the music into its second century. On the stage, he will be joined by extraordinary Robert Jukič, par excellence drummer Howard Curtis and world renowned saxophonist Melissa Aldana.


At 8.00 pm, Hotel Mitra, Price: 12 €

 Performers: Denise Dantah – vocal, André Araujo – drums, percussion instruments, Denis Canciani – double bass, piano, mandolin, “chapman stick”, Luca Bernar – piano, Egon Boštjančič – guitar

Denise Dantas is a Brazilian singer and actress who created a unique style of music, combining traditional Brazilian and Mediterranean music, full of exotic rhythms and sensuous energy. Her music expresses multicultural dialogue of southern Europe and her home, Bahia. For the past 20 years, Denise has been living in Europe, between Italy and Slovenia, striving to expand Brazilian culture in Europe.


At 10.00 pm, Coffee Shop Bodi, Free

Performers: Grega Skaza – saxohone, Matjaz Skaza – drums, Luka Bencic – double bass

GML Trio plays original music with a strong influence of hip hop, jazz and improvised music. The trio was created due to the common interests of members for the spontaneous creation of music in which they can combine their love of rap and hip hop with academic jazz that all members study. Members met five years ago at the Jazzinty International Workshop and have played together since then. All members study abroad and play both on Slovenian and international stages.