At 9.00 pm, Home of culture MuziKafe, Price 15 €

Performing: Aleksandra Ilijevski – Vocals,, Marko Gregorič – guitar, double bass, vocals, Tomaž Gajšt – trumpet, keyboards, Murat – beatbox

Something soft, pleasant and warm is the music band Pliš, who always enchant the public with their spirituality, maybe with sincerity. They draw attention to themselves with a bunch of exceptional adaptations of various songs and excellent simple and effective videos on youtube. Songs or arrangements of Pliš’s repertoire are born from socializing at rehearsals, there are many arrangements of pop and jazz pieces, and some beautiful original pieces, mostly with music by Marko Gregorič and lyrics by Rok Vilčnik. On the first album Plošča za dve osobi, the most recognizable hits Metulji in Raj clung to the charts.


At 9.00 uri, Home of culture Muzikafe, Price: 15 €

Performing: Vasko Atanasovski – flute / saxophone , Zoran Majstorović – guitar / oud / kamal

A musical treat from two seasoned masters who combine decades of experience in playing and creating classical music, jazz, traditional music and rock. These musical giants use a range of instruments to create different soundscapes, moving between original compositions and traditional songs from different cultures around the world, with the music of the Balkans serving as the centrepiece of their repertoire.


At 8.00 pm, Hotel Mitra , Price: 8 €

Performing: Katarina Samobor – vocals, Jordi Roviró – trumpet, Jure Pišek – guitar, Tjan Šoštarič – bass, Gaj Bostič – drums

The local and guitarist Jure Pišek, who has already performed at the Arsana festival, brought the Fridas Jazz Quartet to Ptuj this time. The quartet is represented by three Slovenians and a Catalan, who recently started studying jazz in Vienna. They will present jazz compositions in their unique performances. The quartet will be joined by singer Katarina Samobor, who recently graduated from KGBL, majoring in Jazz Singing, and is now continuing her studies abroad.