At 8.30 pm, Panorama Archaeological Park Admission free

We’ll be entering the 13th edition of our festival with an excellent pre-festival highlight: the Opera Evening on Panorama hill. This event is special not only due to its unique and magnificent venue, but also because it addresses both classical music connoisseurs as well as others with different musical inclination. The programme will include popular parts from famous operas which always enchant the audiencewith their timelessness and exceptionality, and listening to music under the stars is a promise of an unforgettable experience.
This evening of music from some of opera’s most famous works will be performed by Opera SNG Maribor with a symphony orchestra, choir and soloists, and conducted by Simon Krečič.

Partner: City Municipality of Ptuj
Organisers : Arsana Festival and Opera SNG Maribor
Implementation assistance : Javne službe Ptuj, Talum, Vargasal


At 8.00 pm, Sunny Park , Price: 8 €, 12 €, Ticket is valid for the whole evening

Performing: Nuša Bezjak – vocals, Luka Gašparič – guitar, Niko Kostanjevec – piano, Sanja Kopše – saxophone, Tjan Šoštarič –  bass guitar, Gregor Nestorov – drums

A young, ambitious artist, Nuša Bezjak is active under her stage name JUNE. To mark the 10th anniversary of the death of the great British artist Amy Winehouse, she devised a special project. The one-of-a-kind voice and life story of the five-time Grammy Award winner served as inspiration for the young musicians to join forces and recreate the hits of this unforgettable English musician.


At 9.30 pm, Sunny Park , Price: 8 €, 12 €, Ticket is valid for the whole evening

Performing: Katja Vučkovič Zinrajh –  vocals, Taja Islamovič –  guitar, Gašper Bračič – bass guitar, Jure Kovačič – drums

After years of gaining experience, Infected first drew attention to themselves in 2016 when they won first place at the Rock Vizije young rock bands festival in Nova Gorica. After the Battle of Bands in Maribor and the Špil League in Kino Šiška, they released their first original song Miselne ceste, accompanied by a video, in 2018. The song represented only a fraction of their Kolaž album, which they premièred in December 2018 at the Kino Udarnik in Maribor. In 2019, they performed – as winners of a competition – on the main stage at the Croatian INmusic festival, and later spread their musical infection through Slovenian living rooms as part of their Tour de Kauch. Infected are a young band who don’t want artificial restraints – neither by genre nor by confession.



At 11.00 pm, Sunny Park , Price: 8 €, 12 €, Ticket is valid for the whole evening

Performing: Bojan Cvjetičanin – vocals, Matic Kovačič –  drums, Kris Guštin – guitar, Jan Peteh – guitar, Martin Jurkovič – bass guitar

Joker Out, a five-piece band from Ljubljana, have been rocking the Slovenian scene with their Shagadelic rock ‘n’ roll and aesthetically sophisticated videos. Riding the wave of success of their first radio hit, they issued a new single in the spring of 2020 titled Vem da greš, which also announced their first full-length album Umazane misli. In addition to winning song of the week, it earned them a legendary performance on the roof of Radio Slovenija which further legitimized their place in the vanguard of the new wave of Slovenian music. They are now performing at larger and larger concert stages across Slovenia, joined by some of the biggest names from Slovenia and the Balkans (Big Foot Mama, Siddharta, Hamo & Tribute 2 Love, S.A.R.S., etc.)





At 7:30 pm, Slavnostna dvorana Ptujskega gradu , Price: 15 €

Performing: Marko Črnčec – piano

Marko Črnčec is one of Slovenia’s most renowned contemporary musicians. On the international stage, he is known as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer, especially in jazz and popular music. On this occasion, Črnčec will perform a wide musical repertoire encompassing works by great composers of jazz and classical music, such as Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Duke Ellington, Frederic Chopin and J. S. Bach, all sprinkled with the spirit of free improvisation.



At 7.30 pm, Festive hall of Ptuj Castle , Price 12 €

Performing: TRIO MUS – ka: Mateja Ulaga – violin, Urška Sikovšek – klarinet, Sara Koveš – piano

The Trio MUS-ka, consisting of Mateja Ulaga on the violin, Urška Sikovšek on the clarinet and Sara Köveš on the piano, has been active as a chamber orchestra at the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana since October 2018. They share a mutual connection and love for music, hence also their name (“muska” being the colloquial word for music). They received the 2nd Prize at the Oskar Rieding international competition, a silver award at the TEMSIG state competition, as well as the 1st Prize at the World Open Online Music Competition. They have also performed at the Salon of Music Artists as part of the 2019 Lent Festival in the Unionska dvorana hall in Maribor, and they regularly perform at various music and other important events.

Performing: TRIO LA MER: Hana Bitenc – piano, Katarina Kralj – violin, Lara Bešič – cello

The La Mer piano trio consists of pianist Hana Bitenc, violinist Katarina Kralj and cellist Lara Bešič. They started playing together in October 2019 and have been united by their enthusiasm for chamber music ever since. They performed at various concerts organized by the Academy of Music and other events, including the concert in January 2020 in the Viteška dvorana hall in Brežice that marked the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth, and in September 2020 at the evening of Ludwig van Beethoven piano trios at the European Union House.

The mentor of both trios is Assoc. Prof. Miha Haas. Performing: TRIO MUS – ka: Mateja Ulaga – violin, Urška Sikovšek – klarinet, Sara Koveš – piano


AT 9.00 pm, Home of culture MuziKafe, Price 15 €

Performing: Aleksandra Ilijevski – Vocals,, Marko Gregorič – guitar, double bass, vocals, Tomaž Gajšt – trumpet, keyboards, Murat – beatbox

Something soft, pleasant and warm is the music band Pliš, who always enchant the public with their spirituality, maybe with sincerity. They draw attention to themselves with a bunch of exceptional adaptations of various songs and excellent simple and effective videos on youtube. Songs or arrangements of Pliš’s repertoire are born from socializing at rehearsals, there are many arrangements of pop and jazz pieces, and some beautiful original pieces, mostly with music by Marko Gregorič and lyrics by Rok Vilčnik. On the first album Plošča za dve osobi, the most recognizable hits Metulji in Raj clung to the charts.

TIM JANČAR – piano

At 7.30 pm, Festive hall of Ptuj Castle, Price: 12 €

Performing : Tim Jančar – piano

Tim Jančar is the winner of several national and international competitions. He is currently studying at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where he enrolled after completing his master’s degree in Ljubljana and his postgraduate studies at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. He has performed with the RTV Slovenija Symphony Orchestra, the chamber orchestra of the Guiseppe Tartini State Conservatory in Trieste, the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, and at numerous festivals in Slovenia and abroad. For his academic achievements, he received the Škerjanc Award from the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana as well as the Prešeren Award from the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana.


At 7.30 pm, Festive hall of Ptuj Castle, Price: 12 €

Performing: Ata Üstün Bilgin – piano , Laura Bartelj – violin,  Adna Cinac – vocals

Pianist Ata Üstün Bilgin, soprano Adna Cinac and violinist Laura Bartelj are young academic musicians united by a passion for musical performance. They are final year students at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. Full of enthusiasm, they strive for the perfect performance of classical works, the development of culture, and the conservation of cultural heritage. With their “Classical With Attitude” tour which is planned for Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Turkey, Italy and France, they want their audiences to enjoy a colourful repertoire, the result of relentless effort and hard work during quarantine.



At 8.00 pm, Hotel Mitra , Price: 12 €

Performing: Katarina Samobor – vocals, Jordi Roviró – trumpet, Jure Pišek – guitar, Tjan Šoštarič – bass, Gaj Bostič – drums

The local and guitarist Jure Pišek, who has already performed at the Arsana festival, brought the Fridas Jazz Quartet to Ptuj this time. The quartet is represented by three Slovenians and a Catalan, who recently started studying jazz in Vienna. They will present jazz compositions in their unique performances. The quartet will be joined by singer Katarina Samobor, who recently graduated from KGBL, majoring in Jazz Singing, and is now continuing her studies abroad.




At 9.00 uri, Home of culture Muzikafe, Price: 12 €

Performing: Vasko Atanasovski – flute / saxophone , Zoran Majstorović – guitar / oud / kamal

A musical treat from two seasoned masters who combine decades of experience in playing and creating classical music, jazz, traditional music and rock. These musical giants use a range of instruments to create different soundscapes, moving between original compositions and traditional songs from different cultures around the world, with the music of the Balkans serving as the centrepiece of their repertoire.


At 7.30 pm, Festive hall of Ptuj Castle, Price: 12 €

Performing: Trio AffettuosoLara Oprešnik – piano, Zala Kocijančič – violin, Peter Keiser – cello, Klavirki Trio trio AurumMeta Kokošinek – piano, Rebeka Kotar – violin, Neža Verstovšek – cello

The Piano Trio Affettuoso unites three young, ambitious musicians who, in addition to playing solo, are also seriously dedicated to playing as a piano trio. At last year’s Temsig state competition, they won the 2nd prize and received a gold award in the highest category. They actively participate in various events and concerts; among others, they performed at a concert of chamber music by Ludwig van Beethoven that marked the 250th anniversary of the composer’s birth, as well as in a concert cycle of the Ljubljana Festival titled Young Virtuosi.

The Piano Trio Aurum has been active since 2016. The three young musicians have started making music together at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana under Professor Martin Sikur and are now studying chamber music at the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana. At the international Oskar Rieding competition in Celje, they received the title Laureate of Competition and three special awards selected by the jury. They regularly participate in projects, and Slovenian authors are composing new works for their ensemble.

The mentor of both trios is Assoc. Prof. Miha Haas.


At 8.30 pm, Courtyard of the Minorite Monastery, Price: 15 €, 20 €, 22 €

Performing: Vlado Kreslin – vocals, guitar, Vox Arsana: Barbara Grabar, Ana Delin, Samo Ivačič in Mladen Delin, Vox Arsana: Barbara Grabar, Ana Delin, Samo Ivačič in Mladen Delin, Anže Vrabec – piano / piano, Luka Gaiser – double bass, Bruno Domiter – ercussion, String orchestra / string orchestra: 1 st violins: Matija Krečič, Nina Pirc, Dejan Gregorič, Ana Mezgec, 2 nd violins: Uroš Bičanin, Ana Novak, Sandi Baitokova, Mojca Batič, violas: Klemen Bračko, Gea Pantner, Anuša Plesničar, cellos / cellos: : Zoran Bičanin, Ema Krečič

Especially for our festival, Vlado Kreslin, the internationally renowned vocal group Vox Arsana, and the string orchestra led by composer, arranger and violinist Matija Krečič have come together and prepared fresh orchestral arrangements of numerous legendary hits by the “gentleman with the black guitar”. Vlado Kreslin , one of Slovenia’s most important and popular authors and performers, caused a veritable revival of Slovenian folk and ethno music with his band Beltinška banda. Spreading the spirit of freedom and joie de vivre, he has been a mainstay of Slovenia’s musical and cultural scene for over 40 years. His well-known hits will dress in the musical colours of ethno, chanson, classical music and polyphonic jazz in the magical ambience of the Minorite Monastery.










At 10.30 pm, Slovenski trg Square , Free

 Performing: Andrej Vilčnik –  vocals and guitar, Ida Harc vocals and guitar


Andrej Vilčnik and Ida Harc are a young guitar duo from Maribor. They are united by their love of sweet melancholic melodies and creative lyrical texts, through which they attempt to immortalise life’s pivotal moments. Andrej is also establishing himself as an independent musician. At the recent KantFest, the audience awarded him the title VOX POPULI of the festival. Their intimacy and sincerity will be a smooth overture to a warm July summer night.

CIRCUS CABARET – musical for children

At 10.30 am, Ptuj Marketplace, Free

Performing: Tina in Matjaž Kekec

Tina and Matjaž, the well-known duo from the authentic circus ArbadakarbA, have prepared an innovative, educational and interactive experience for the youngest of audiences. Circus Cabaret is a magical musical for children who will get to try their hand at magic, dancing and juggling in courses and active workshops to find out how far we can get through perseverance. Somersaults, rolls, handstands, attractive illusions, music, monocycle, circus elephants: experience all this and more at the recently renovated Ptuj Marketplace.




At 10.00 pm, Slovenski trg Square, Free

Performing: Janez Ivačič – vokal

For Janez Ivačič, music has been a part of his life since early childhood. He has participated in many music competitions and festivals in Slovenia and abroad. Last year, he won the Grand Prix at the FENS International Festival in Koper. He is currently preparing material for his first album, for which he has written all the lyrics and music himself. He has performed as a solo vocalist on various occasions and collaborated with numerous musicians and bands such as New York Voices, Ditka, En Big Band, etc.





At 9.00 pm, Courtyard of the Minorite Monastery, Price: 15 €, 20 €, 25 € 

Performing : Big Band RTV Slovenija, Soloistis: Elda Viler, Oto Pestner, Nuša Derenda, Nina Strnad, Tilen Artač

Conductor : Patrik Greblo

One of the oldest bands of its kind in Europe, the Big Band RTV Slovenija, will perform a part of their rich jazz and popular musical heritage at the gala concert of the Arsana Festival. Under the guidance of Patrik Greblo, excellent performers of all generations will lead us into a summer night imbued with Slovenian song and musical melancholy: Elda Viler, Oto Pestner, Nuša Derenda and Nina Strnad. Tilen Artač will be moderating the evening.



At 10.00 pm, Slovenski trg Square, Free

Performing: Filip Vidušin – vocals , Gašper Hlupič – drums, Jernej Lah – bass guitar, Žiga Žvižej – keyboards, Rok Teržan – guitar

Originally, the name LPS of this five-piece band from Celje stood for lepi-pametni-sposobni (meaning pretty-smart-capable). Now the meaning behind the name is decided by each of us individually, as long as we indulge in “LPS-que” frequencies and let our imagination run free. The group was formed in 2018, merely one day before their first performance. In 2019, they won the Centrovizija school music competition. They are characterized by convincing, somewhat dreamy vocals, and innovative interpretations of commercial hits.



At 11.00 am, Town square, Free

The Town Square will once again host the Open Kitchen, an open air kitchen where festival-goers can take a gourmet tour through delicacies from various Slovenian regions and world cuisines.


At 10.00 am, Ptuj City Cinema, Price: 3 €

The 2016 hit musical comedy film Trolls has received a sequel and the little creatures, who love dance and music, are returning to the silver screen. In their new adventures, the Trolls will realise that they are not alone: in addition to them, there are five other different tribes of Trolls, each with their own genre of music.



At 11.00 am, Ptuj City Cinema, Free

Performer: Ana Delin

 After watching the film, a music workshop will be held where children can explore their voice, learn a new song and express themselves in a creative way through music.




At 8.00 pm, Courtyard of the Minorite Monastery, Price: 25 €, 30 €, 35 €, 39 €

One of the world’s most important vocal groups is returning to the city of millennia. Their live and studio music partnerships range from Coldplay, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Queen, Helena Fischer, and Diana Ross, to Michael Buble with whom they recorded no less than four duets. The kings of a cappella return to Ptuj with their distinct virtuoso style they call “VOCAL PLAY”: the seven group members simulate the sound of drums, bass, guitar, brass instruments and keyboards using only their voices, creating amazing impressions of a full band and orchestra. We’ll hear hits by Phil Collins and Coldplay as well as eternal classics by Antonín Dvořák, Paul McCartney, Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Sting, and Adele. Don’t miss the biggest vocal explosion of the summer of 2021!





At 10.00 pm, Slovenski trg Square, Price: 8 €

Performing: Mia Rebec – vocal, piano

A versatile, gifted high school student working under the stage name MYA, Mia Rebec is a representative of the fresh wave of Slovenian pop music. Although she is quite proficient at violin and ukulele, she feels most at home behind a piano. She is currently learning recording, performing and enrolled in two schools at the same time – she is a student at the Poljane Grammar School as well as at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana, studying jazz piano.

HOW THE FIDDLE CAME TO BE (based on a roma folk tale)

At 5:00 pm, Ivan Potrč Library, Free

Performer: Liljana Klemenčič

Performing: Pupils of the private music school at the Minorite Monastery of St. Peter and Paul Ptuj

“It’s made from wood and looks quite nice,
Squeaks louder than a thousand mice.
In the hands of a true master
It makes our hearts beat faster.”

(V.T.Arhar in Ugankarica, 2003)



At 6:00 pm, Ivan Potrč Library, Free

Performer: Eva Vilčnik

If you’ve ever wanted to make a musical instrument but didn’t know how, this is your opportunity. By building rattles, drums, xylophones, maracas and many other instruments, we will explore in what way music accompanies us through life. The workshop will be tailored to preschool children and pupils of the first triad of primary school.


TADEJ TOŠ Stand-up

At 8:00 pm, Dominican Monastery, Price: 15 €

Tadej Toš, the ambassador of our festival, the city of Ptuj, and good will, has become a mainstay of the summer festival scene. After a year dominated by the state of emergency caused by the COVID-19 epidemic around the world, laughter, fun and socialising are key elements in the recovery and normalisation of society. In his shows, actor and stand-up comedian Tadej Toš mocks the seriousness of human reality, arguing that comedy is one of the ways to defend against the automation and senseless robotisation of modern life. Get ready for a show and a half!



At 10:00 pm, Slovenski trg Square, Free

Performing:  Nik Kranjc – guitar, Živa Antončič – guitar

The young band Re-Punk, founded by Nik Krajnc and Živa Antonič, will be performing many famous songs from the world of popular and rock music. They will be joined on stage by young musical guests, including Pia Krajnc and Matic Dakić.

KNOCK KNOCK, THE BEAR IS LOOKING FOR A NURSEMAID (based on a russian folk tale)

At 5.00 pm, Ivan Potrč Library, Free

Performer: Liljana Klemenčič

Performing: Pupils of the Instrumental.ko music school.

“Little black birds sit in a five-lined tree.
Though silent, they show us the melody.”
( V. Tavčar in Ugankarica, 2003)



At 6.00 pm, Ivan Potrč Library, Free

Performer: Zavod Marianum Veržej

Clay is an extraordinary treasure of nature with countless uses. There is a special charm to kneading, shaping and working with clay. In this pottery workshop, children will learn to use the potter’s wheel and, through the making of drinking cups, discover that clay changes shapes as it pleases. Testing their manual skills via an experiential, relaxing and creative clay workshop will give them a wonderful experience.



At 8.30 pm, Courtyard of the Minorite Monastery, Price: 15 €

Performing: University of Primorska Academic Choir, Ambrož Čopi –conductor, Stringswings: Matija Krečič – violin, Marijan Dović – violin, guitar, Peter Ugrin – viola, Kristijan Krajnčan – cello, Blaž Celarec – percussion

The idea for this project originated with the artistic director of the choir Ambrož Čopi; the music represents a creative meeting of the jazz musician and composer Marijan Dović with the folk tradition of the Primorska region. The Swingstrings jazz string quartet adds freshness to the classical sound of the polyphonic choir with additional percussion, returning some of the original energy that folk musicians have always radiated. The main part of their repertoire consists of love songs, the melodies of which are reinterpreted in arrangements based on jazz harmony.



At 10.00 pm, Slovenski trg Square, Free

Performing: Jernej Bezjak – vocals, drums, Luka Gašparič – guitar,  Alen Vamberger – guitar, Timotej Bezjak –bass guitar

Friški pir is a young band consisting of members from Ptuj and the surrounding area, who have been on the scene for almost three years. Though playing mostly rock and blues, they do experiment with other genres as well. And though their line-up changes from time to time, those who believe that rock is not yet dead remain!


At 5.00 pm, Hall of Music School Karol Pahorr , Free

Performer: Liljana Klemenčič

Performing: Students of the Karol Pahor Music School in Ptuj

Soldiers march to its rhythmic pounds,
no orchestra manages without its sounds.
The harder you beat it the louder it rumbles
and at the circus, it accompanies the tumbles.
(I. Cimerman in Neugnanke, 1986)




At 6.00 pm, Ivan Potrč Library, Free

Performer: Mojca Grula

The rainbow is one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena. If we are fortunate to see it, we are in the right place at the right time. At this workshop, the children will create their dream rainbow from cords of cotton twine, which is the basis of macramé. They will wrap it with wool of different colours and add ornaments. They then get to take their beautiful handmade macramé rainbow home with them – a wonderful decoration for their children’s corner or living room.



At 7.00 pm, Slovenski trg Square, Free

The summer singing schools organised by the Arsana vocal school and the Instrumental.ko music school are attended by young aspiring musicians from Ptuj and the surrounding area. The students will perform a diverse programme comprising current and evergreen hits from the world of pop and rock as well as Slovenian song music.






At 8.30 pm, Courtyard of the Minorite Monastery, Price: 18 €, 20 €

Performing: Sabina Cvilak – vocals, Janez Dovč – accordion , Goran Krmac – tuba

Internationally acclaimed soprano Sabina Cvilak is a world-class artist, soloist at SNG Maribor, recipient of the Prešeren Award and a musician who is very comfortable even outside the classical boundaries. The innovatively composed concert programme will include opera excerpts, stylistically interesting performances of Slovenian songs, ever-topical French and Spanish evergreens, as well as some surprises. She will be joined on stage by internationally renowned musicians Janez Dovč and Goran Krmac on accordion and tuba, respectively, who are broadening the soundscape of the repertoire and keeping it fresh.  


At 9.00 pm, Courtyard of the Minorite Monastery, Price: 25 €, 30 €, 35 €

The Perpetuum Jazzile vocal orchestra is known as one of the most spectacular vocal groups in the world thanks to their strong rhythms, rich harmonies and positive energy. Their videos on YouTube have garnered over 88 million views, and thanks to their exceptional creativity, have been ranked in several top 40 most favourited lists.

Their performances also include vocal percussion (beatboxing), an amazing set of percussion sounds and rhythms created with the mouth, as well as a visual representation of environmental phenomena using motion.

Their rich concert repertoire includes unique vocal arrangements of songs from world-famous artists such as ABBA, Toto, Michael Jackson, Queen, Earth, Wind & Fire, Bee Gees and others, as well as their own original arrangements of folk songs.



At 10.00 pm, Slovenski trg Square, Free

Performing: Dora Šandor – vocals, Timotej Bezjak guitar, Jernej Bezjak guitar, drums, Luka Gašparič guitar

Even at her young age, Dora Šandor has already authored no less than 24 original compositions. A vocalist, instrumentalist, lyricist, and composer, she became a finalist at sanremoJunior, the oldest song competition for soloist singers, under the mentorship of Gal Gjurin. She draws creative inspiration from her love of nature, sports and animals.