7.00 pm, Sunny Park, Price: 15€, 12€ (students)

SOLOISTS of the singing department of the Karol Pahor Music School in Ptuj in collaboration with the Department of Popular Music and Jazz.

Performing: Nina Horvat, Kaja Maroh, Eva Tilli, Lina Vaupotič, Jure Kekec, Kristijan Jurič, Stane Hebar – guitar, Samo Ivačič – piano, Luka Herman Gaiser – bass, Jože Zadravec – drums

The singing department of the Karol Pahor Music School has been headed for 20 years by Samo Ivačič, an academic musician and professor. In each student, he tries to find what best suits his natural singing voice, talent and, of course, personality. At the concert, we will be able to hear an extremely diverse program, from jazz, pop, blues to rock music. The singers will perform in the company of the school teachers who are active musicians and perform in a variety of projects.


at.8.30 pm

Wckd Nation explores new forms and sounds of jazz pop and combines it with modern forms of soul, experimental R&B and a guitar background that draws inspiration from the sound of funk of the 1970s. The radio stations and music enthusiasts quickly labeled them one of the most exciting young domestic bands. In their first year, they went on tour in the Baltics, were nominated for the HEMI Music Awards and became the winners of the Golden Flute in the Newcomers of 2020 category.


at.10.00 pm

MRFY is a fourfold band from Novo mesto creating indie rock music. In 2018, they released their debut at SonicTribe entitled Story. The album was well received by the audience, and the group released a total of nine singles and videos, which were supported by numerous performances throughout Slovenia.. The band regularly collaborates with experienced music producer Žare Pak, and their hits on the online platform Youtube are racing towards 200,000 views. A loyal fan base was recently honored with a happy go lucky single Prjatučki (Little Friends), which became a hit last fall. Later this year, a third single is expected to announce a second album with the title Use, and you will be able to hear it for the first time on the stage of the Kino Šiška Cathedral.