At 10.00 pm, Slovenian Square, Free

Performers: Nina Fridl – vocal, Luka Gašperič – guitar, Alen Vamberger – guitar, Timotej Bezjak – double bass, Jernej Bezjak – drums and vocal

The members of the band are musicians who have been dedicated to music in all respects for many years. The desire to create and perform, and good energy, united us into a music group, The Golden Frets. We mainly play old and new rock, but there are also newer songs. We have been working for a good two years, due to various factors some members of the band have changed, but we remain the ones who believe that with hard work and perseverance, music can come to life and come to life.


At 10.00 pm., Slovenian sqare, Free

The repertoire of the young duo coming from Ptuj ranges from blues, jazz, bossa nova to Slovenian songs. Vocalist Katarina Samobor and guitarist Jure Pišek will perfrom carefully conceived arrangements, and work on different musical styles and periods of music from all over the world. The musicians were trained in both classical and jazz music by renowned mentors, while playing in different musical compositions from rock, pop and many other genres of music.




At 10.00 pm., Slovenian sqare, Free

Performers: Sara Brumen –  vocal, Kevin Toplak – vocal and guitar

The two young musicians from Ptuj will perform acoustic adaptations of songs that aim to reach as many people as possible as part of their musical story. They have already performed on several stages, such as: The Infinitus concert, open-mic night at Dooplek wake park, they participated in the Music Star of Styria organised by Radio Rogla and at the Show What You Know in Dobje, where they won first place after jury evaluation.


At 9.30 pm., Slovenian square, Free

Performing: Hana Fatur – piano and vocal, Staš Planinšek – drum, Boaz Novšak – el. Guitar, Aljaž Luci –  cello, Eva Domitrovič – alt sax,  Lucija Mikuž – flute, Rok Ljubič – bass, Lara Fatur – violin

Hinotama is a funky pop band whose repertoire has everything from pop to classic funk pieces. You will recognize them by their jazz and classic renditions of interesting covers and original pieces. Their most recognizable attribute, however, is the “crowd on stage” as the band has 8 members.

Perhaps because of their special composition and style, and undoubtedly because of the crazy energy on stage, they quickly won the hearts of young Ljubljana audiences and juries in various music competitions. They had a performance at Vičstock, won the 12th Music Festival, and received the awards for Best Performance, Singer and Style at Droogstock in Maribor. In August 2019, they performed at the Blackfest, where they warmed up the audience for Hamo and tribute to love. In November, in collaboration with the Novi Dijak, they performed a solo concert at the hostel Tresor. In February 2020, they played their solo concert at the Prulček Bar in Ljubljana.

ROCK MARATON – Instrumental.ko

At 9.30 pm., Slovenian square, Free

The energetically packed evening, dedicated to music legends such as The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits and Red Hot Chili Peppers, will feature three young high school bands performing under the baton of renowned educator and guitarist Marko Korošec.


At 9.30 pm., Slovenian square, Free

Young, aspiring artists will take the stage on Slovenian Square, and make sure to keep the energy up even after the festival highlights. Students from Arsana Vocal School will be introduced, finalists and winners of various singing competitions. You will be able to listen to the famous tunes of Slovenian and foreign songs of pop, rock and r’n’b genres.


At 8.30 pm., Slovenian square, Free

At the end of the summer school, the Arsana vocal school and the Instrumental.ko music school have put together a short program where the musicians will show what they have learned during the holiday school. You are invited to listen to what the students have prepared with their mentors.