At 7.30 pm, Festival hall of Ptuj castle, price: 12€

Performing: Neža Bregar – piano, Nadja Rus – piano

The piano duo Scaramouche started working in 2010 under the mentorship of prof. Lidija Malahotky Haas and, later worked under the mentorship of prof. Miha Haas.

In 2011 and 2014, they both received a gold plaque and 1st prize at the TEMSIG national competition and in 2011 they received an award for the best performance by a Slovenian author in addition to a special award from the Association of Piano Educators of Slovenia. In 2020, the members of the duo completed piano duo studies at the University of Music and Visual Arts in Graz as the only ones in Slovenia. They also received a special commendation for their graduation performance. The two pianists regularly perform on local stages, but they have also played in Italy, Austria, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, the USA, and the Netherlands

Flute quartet Con gaio

At 7.30 pm, Festival hall of Ptuj castle, price: 12€

Performing: Annemarie Glavič – flute, Jana Rumpf – flute, Polona Šuligoj – flute in Maruša Alegro – flute

The flute quartet Con Gaio has been operating since 2019 under the mentorship of professor Karolina Šantl Zupan. They like to spice up their concert programs with works that contain other types of flutes; piccolo, alto and bass flute. The quartet has already had several successful performances, including last year’s performance as part of Summer in Celje the princely city, and as part of Musical Youth where they performed an independent concert in the Marjan Kozine Hall of the Slovenian Philharmonic. The quartet also performed in the Knights’ Hall of Crosswords as part of the Ljubljana Festival. The members of the quartet regularly take part in flute seminars, participate in various orchestras and take part in competitions where all of them are prize winners. At the TEMSIG 2019 competition they received bronze, silver and gold plaques in the soloist category, and Annemarie Glavić won the first prize in addition to the gold award. At last year’s competition of young musicians Temsig, the quartet received first prize and a gold award in the category of chamber groups with wind instruments.


Antea Poljak – mezzosoprano

At 6.00 pm, Festival hall of Ptuj castle, price: 12€

Performing: Antea Poljak – mezzosoprano, Ivan Pernicki – piano

Antea Poljak received her master’s degree in music pedagogy at the Academy of Music in Zagreb in 2018 and in solo singing at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana in 2022 from the class of Matjaž Robavs. She participated in several competitions among others in 2022 and 2019 she received the first prize at the Slovenian national TEMSIG competition. During her studies, she performed in the production of the Zagreb Academy of Music in two solo roles: in the opera Sly little fox (Janaček), for which she received an award from the University of Zagreb, and in the role of Maid in the opera Amelia goes to the dance (Menotti). This year, she performed in the productions of the Academy of Music in Ljubljana in Handel’s opera Agrippina where she played the role of Otto, and in the production of the Slovenian Chamber Theater in the opera of a special kind from Iztok Kocena Veveriček. With the choir Magic Flute, she participated as a soloist in the choral Olympic Games in France, China, Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy, where the choir won three gold and three silver medals. She performed with the string and accordion orchestra of the Elly Bašić School of Music (Zagreb) and with the Gaj tambourine orchestra. She is improving her knowledge with Ruža Pospiš Baldana, Hans Adolfsen, Theresa Plut, Nuška Drašček, Martina Gojčeta Silić, Elisabeth Wilke, Ariana Bossi, etc. In addition to singing, she is engaged in music therapy, which was the subject of her master’s studies in Zagreb.